Saturday, January 9, 2010

We're Home

After Matt got back from lunch, he decided that we should just come on home. I feel really bad that our plans for the weekend got derailed, but I'm also pleased to be back in the comfort of home while Audrey's sick.

We didn't leave Aiken until 4:30, therefore didn't make it back home until after 10. Along the way we stopped to eat, where I decided to take pictures...

Yes, the girls are wearing pajamas. Julia really wanted to, and when she made that request my immediate thought was that pajamas would be the most comfortable thing for Audrey to wear. So, here we are in an Arby's outside Atlanta looking spiffy!

Immediately upon arriving home, I grabbed the thermometer and checked Audrey's temp. 102.7 in one ear and 103 in the other. As I sit here typing, I'm worrying that it was perhaps even higher - that perhaps the quick (COLD) run from the car to the house might have lowered it. I need to stop it, I don't need to worry anymore than I am.... I cried a good portion of our trip home, and here's a comment I made on facebook today: In my mind, every second that she's sick is a second closer to her suffering lifelong kidney problems b/c of my providing insufficient medical care. Anyone care for a nice helping of drama???

One of the emails I received a few moments ago, kind of put me in my place. I've been following the story of a family whose twin boys were born very premature in December. One of the boys died within just a few days of birth, but the other has been fighting to survive for nearly a month now. How fortunate am I to be blessed with 2 children who are so ridiculously HEALTHY that a blasted fever has me freaking out???!!!

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