Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Wars

A college friend of mine, Christy - a.k.a. Mommybrain, wrote a blog post this week titled "The Spaghetti Wars." This post was about the rarely discussed newlywed issue of "Whose recipe are we going to use?" Christy and her husband had a different opinion about how spaghetti should be made. While Matt and I really never differed on spaghetti, we did differ on how to make scrambled eggs.

I was brought up to make scrambled eggs the 'normal' way. They end up looking somewhat like this:

Matt, however, preferred his scrambled eggs be made more like an open-faced cheese omelet. Our rule pretty much became, "the cook chooses how to make the eggs," and since I was usually the cook - eggs were made MY WAY!

Then along came Julia. As Julia got older, I realized that Matt's open faced cheese omelet would be easier finger food for little toddler hands. It's been 3 years now, and our family's scrambled eggs are still actually open-faced cheese omelets. I guess he wound up winning our "Scrambled Eggs War."

What recipes have you and your spouse/family had to compromise on?? I'm seriously interested! Click on the word "comments" below and let me know!


  1. Ha Ha - oh my goodness - ours is scrambled eggs as well! I make them "normal" - just like your picture. While Michael Paul made them like a thick solid pancake brown and crusty on each side. Then I got a cast iron skillet and for some reason he decided my way was the only way to eat scrambled eggs (I think my way in the iron skillet made them extra tasty after we browned beef in the skillet a few times). So after 5 years I won the egg war in our house.

  2. We had different ideas about eggs too... Clay likes scrambled eggs on the runny/soft side and I like them firmer/drier :)

  3. YAY for the Bowman scrambled eggs!!!! Ours is chili. Jacob likes his chili hot/spicy & i like mine sweeter, like my dad makes it. & since jacob rarely cooks, i win!!

  4. Nice to "meet" you & for officially not stalking anymore. Isn't technology amazing? What in the world did we use to do with all our time? Andy says hello. I look forward to getting to know you & your beautiful daughters more through this blogging process. Will be back soon. - Charity