Friday, November 11, 2011

Blessing #301 - A fun time of dressup for Halloween. We had Dr. Julia and Snow White Audrey at our house. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures…

Blessing #302 - Fun times creating Tom the Turkeys. Tom Turkey is trying to keep hidden so he won’t be eaten at Thanksgiving. Julia’s Tom has been disguised as a flower and Audrey’s as a rainbow.

Blessing #303 - The surprise of finding peelie coupons on our favorite muffin mix while the mix was BOGO. All 4 of us love Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake. Since it was a great price I bought 16 (maybe 18?) boxes. We enjoyed the first one this morning for breakfast.

Blessing #304 - A box of goodies in the mail from Mammy: new clothes, new jackets, and lightup boots!

Blessing #305 - Mrs. Mosley - Julia’s teacher. Julia’s learning a lot in Kindergarten, but she also really enjoys it. My overprotective self loves to see her beaming smile at the end of the day and hear her ramblings about all that happened. I must credit Julia’s teacher for a great experience.

Blessing #306 - well behaved kids… at least when they’re at school

Blessing #307 - Sweet little Audrey. I told the girls to hug and say goodnight last night. They hugged, kissed, and Julia said “Good night, sis.” Audrey responded with “Goodnight, sis and best friend.” Melted my heart…

Blessing # 308- the cuteness of wild and crazy hair. The girls have taken to sleeping in rollers the last few nights. Here's Audrey posing with her wild hair and her disguised turkeys.

Blessing #309 - The excitement this week signing Julia up to cheerlead. We 3 girls have had fun practicing motions for this oh so girlie adventure. Julia’s games will be Saturdays from January 14th- March 3rd.

Blessing #310 - free cheerleading outfit.

My coworker passed this orange and blue outfit down from her girls. Matt tried to teach Julia the “Gator chomp” using pom-poms, but everytime I tried to take a picture he tossed them away. This outfit is just for play. It isn’t the one she will wear for her games. Santa’s decided that Audrey will have cheerleading attire under the tree that she can wear to the games too!

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