Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blessing 311-320

311. A family birthday celebration for dear Matthew.

312. New black boots that arrived in the mail last week and that make me feel extra stylish and confident (no easy feat! ;) pun not intended! Thanks Mom)
313. Laughs from Julia repeatedly saying that a kid in her class was "extended" (suspended)
314. Julia's excitement from getting to ride on the school bus for the first time. The Kindergarteners walked over to a garden near the school today but a bus drove them back b/c it started raining. She probably traveled 1/4 mile in the bus, but she was thrilled and kept telling us that she didn't have to have a seatbelt!

315. Audrey posing for a cute picture with me! She doesn't always like to pose.

316. Matt getting to stay for the Feast after Audrey's program. We thought he'd be joining Julia for a special Thanksgiving meal at school, but I messed up the date for that. There wasn't a conflict after all.

317. Audrey singing and participating in her program today. After a meltdown at VBS Family Night this summer and a dress flapping/no singing Graduation program this Spring, I didn't quite know what to expect from her.

318. Audrey really enjoying her friends from Preschool. Tommy is in this picture with her.

319. Julia's willingness to share a couple of hats she made this week.

320. 5 days of rest. We won't be seeing extended family at Thanksgiving this year :( but we will enjoy our Bowman family foursome time!

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