Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blessings 321-330

* 2 computers in the house so both girls can play online games at the same time

* Audrey making literary references. She insists she's a "hungry caterpillar" and needs snack after snack after snack...
* Extra time in the carline to spend making pom poms! I had 14 to do and they each took about 30 minutes.
* The excitement building for our first cheerleading practice tomorrow. Julia's cheerleading for Upward Basketball and I'm head coaching her squad. Saying I have no cheerleading experience is an understatement, but I'm definitely getting into the girly spirit of it!
* Our fabulous Christmas tree! (Can you believe Matt was the one who started pulling the tree and decorations out Thanksgiving morning? I didn't even ask (tell) him too! I was planning on doing it Friday instead. The girls had a lot of fun looking at the ornaments and decorating the tree. Thank goodness we had these little people to help us out by crawling under the tree.

* The fun of having our visitor from up north joining us again - Elfie!
* Cute Christmas dresses to wear

* A clean house thanks to our hosting life group this week.
* The cuteness of Audrey's snores.
* Homemade Christmas cookies

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  1. The girls, their dresses, and their cookies are so cute!