Monday, December 19, 2011

Blessings as Therapy

I'm on day 3 of fighting a cold, the first 2 days of which I couldn't stand for more than 90 seconds at a time without feeling faint. I still can't swallow without grimacing. My heads been hurting like crazy, and my neck has been painful to move. I still had to go to church Sunday despite my feeling bad because my oh so sweet husband kept insisting that I was being a wimp. (Although, somehow, on our Christmas Saturday, my wimpy self played with the girls, bathed the girls, painted 20 little fingers and 20 little toes, and made dinner all the while Sir Matthew took his 2nd nap of the day... just saying)

I'm feeling old because my right knee has really been aching the last few days too. I've visited "webmd" multiple times reading up on cold vs. flu, osteoarthritis, brain tumors, and meningitis. (I might have a dramatic tendency.) I am spending Monday - Wednesday as a single parent since Matt's working a couple of 18 hour days and a 12+ hour day before we leave for TN Thursday. And did I mention that Julia asked me last night why I had all those zits on my face?

You could say that my week hasn't been very enjoyable thus far, and you'd be right. Tonight, what set me off in a heap of tears was my car not starting. Great, just great.

The tears have dried now, and I'm hoping that my typing all this up doesn't set them off again. I'd love to go into the whole rant I have about stuff that's bothering me, but what I think would be more therapeutic would be a listing of blessings. So, let's go!

331. The girls, somehow, didn't notice my tears tonight. They played together nicely for the worst of it, and after I'd calmed down, they didn't look at me close enough to see my splotchy face.
332. The excitement the girls get of having a campout in the living room. We're having one tonight.
333. Being loved all the way to "eighty-one" or "ninety-two" or what ever other number the girls come up with that's "a lot"!
334. Not being stranded or in a hurry to be anywhere when we realized my car wouldn't start tonight.
335. Christmas break. I have my Julia back for a few weeks!!!!! I miss that girl when she's in school.
336. Health. Despite my dramatics on, I don't think I've actually had to go to the doctor because I was sick in over a decade.
337. Chocolate from our stockings. It's needed tonight. (Although that won't be good for all my zits or my feared osteoarthritis! BTW. I had 1 bump on my face. 1!)
338. Snuggling with the girls at night.
339. Snuggling with the girls during the day.
340. An excuse to sleep on the couch (we're camping out, remember?) so that I can fall asleep watching TV and not have any quiet time to let my mind think. Thinking tonight would not be good.

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  1. Bless your heart. Hope you feel better soon!