Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Tennessee Christmas

341. Safe travels to and from Tennessee.

342. Generous family spoiling all 4 of us!

343. Meeting the girls' first (and so far only) 2nd cousin, Adele Coplin! These are the Bowman great grandkids.

344. Spending time with 4 of the 6 great grandparents.
Meemaw Taylor

Granddaddy Bowman

345. Managing a calm Christmas Day complete with a nap for 3 of the 4 of us. Julia was the only one able to stay awake!

346. The girls' pride when getting to help in the kitchen.

347. Seeing my brother! This is 2 times in 1 year!!!

I sure do wish we saw them more often. I feel like a mere acquaintance with my sis-in-law Kelsey. She's perfectly sweet, I just don't know her well. Ok, back to the blessings...

348. Getting to spend time with the sis-in-law I do know well, Amy, and her family. I'll post pics of them as soon as they Facebook some - HA! Right now, the only picture they've posted from Christmas has been this:

I'm not sure why, but I love that pic. Thanks Jacob!

349. Mammy willing to visit us in a few weeks to deliver the rest of the presents. She'll be here for my birthday (we won't yet speak of the number) and to see Julia cheer!

The last night we were in town, Julia woke us up at midnight with her screaming. Seconds later she threw up all over the place (including all over Audrey!). She was sick all night and all day as we were traveling back to Alabama. Not fun! I thought we'd moved past all this, but Audrey's been sick today. Let's hope the sickness stops with her.

Blessing 350: 2011 ending with a lot of wonderful memories left behind.
Happy New Year!

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