Saturday, December 31, 2011

Santa's visit

This is out of chronological order, but too bad!

As mentioned, Santa came early to our house this year. Julia woke up first, and she and I scoped out the goods. We quickly ran back to get Audrey and Daddy to join us. Audrey's look of "Oh Yeah!" when we reminded her Santa had come was priceless, as was her hightailing it out of bed instead of burrowing under the covers like usual.

After checking out the toys, we looked in our stockings. Actually, no. After checking out the toys I made AK put on a shirt so that I could take pictures. Then, we got to the stockings. Julia upended her stocking, but Audrey took out 1 item at a time. At one point, Audrey got confused, looked at Julia's large stash and complained , "but I only have 1 of these..."

I reminded her that she still had a stocking full to pull out and all was well.
We're all smiles!

Ok, perhaps we're not all smiles, but we were silly.

And very protective of our new baby!

I love my new mug. Notice that dear daughter #1 has now decided to take off her shirt. Typical.

Our Christmas meal: sopapilla, fruit, eggs, sausage balls, and coffee/hot chocolate... complete with plenty of marshmallows.

A note explaining why I plan to always eat sausage balls at Christmas:
3 years ago, we had Christmas at home and I made sausage balls for us to enjoy that morning. The next day, we met Meme and Pop for a week at the beach. While there, 2 year old Julia came walking through the condo's kitchen and pulled a sausage ball out of her pocket that she had apparently stored there Christmas morning... yum...not really

I have told her this story every year since. She'll be sick of hearing it before long, but I'll always remember the "sausage ball in her pocket" story with a smile!

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