Friday, December 9, 2011

Elfie's mischief

Our Elf on the Shelf has been up to a lot this week. He's gotten extra comfortable in our home and has begun acting out! He's gotten into Mama's makeup and written the girls a note on their mirror using lipstick. They were insistent that Santa know that Elfie had been bad. After school, Audrey decided that she needed to clean up Elfie's mess.

Another night, Elfie decided to get into the pantry. He had a snack and then went ahead and prepped the girls' school snack too. Mama wasn't too thrilled that the prepped snack was so unhealthy. The girls, however, approved wholeheartedly.

We're heading to see Santa tomorrow (Saturday) night. The girls have already had Elfie pass on our request for a special visit from Santa and his reindeer next Friday night. Yes, Santa's visiting us 8 days before Christmas since we'll be in TN on the 25th. We would have had Santa visit closer to Christmas, say the 23rd, but in order to actually see my brother (ahem), we've got to get on up there.

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