Thursday, February 16, 2012

Counting of Blessings continued... it's been awhile!

371. Hearing the girls sing along to Adele.

372. Dinner out Saturday night with just Matt.
373. A family breakfast before school/work on Valentine's Day. We had monkey bread, eggs, and fruit. Julia's eggs were pink/red.

Audrey wouldn't smile for me...

Ah, there's a smile.

374. The fun of packing a special something in the girls' lunches on Valentine's Day. Julia's always begging for Lunchables, but she rarely gets them. I surprised her with a pizza lunch able in her lunchbox. Audrey had a heart shaped sandwich and cheese stick. I also gave each of them a couple of fruit kabobs that they loved and have asked for again.

375. Getting to peak in on Audrey throughout our days at preschool. I love seeing her with her friends.

376. Losing 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks.
377. Getting to help lead Kids Club at Julia's school. This is a Christian club that meets before school once a week. We usually have about 75 kids in the Kindergarten and 1st grade group.
378. Perkiness this morning despite the dreary weather. I was driving home from Kids Club and I couldn't help myself from getting excited. I was making silly and stupid faces to myself in the car. I'm sure I looked like a moron to anyone that passed me, but I was loving the feeling of peace that surrounded me. I don't always have this.
379. A 5 day weekend for Julia and 6 days off for me and Audrey! Baldwin County gets Monday and Tuesday off for Mardi Gras, and we're not allowing Julia to participate in a MG parade at school Friday. Her teacher said the entire day would be spent preparing for this event, so she's not even going a half day.
380. Excused absence -Within 15 minutes of my handing a letter to a school secretary explaining our religious objections to the Mardi Gras parade, Matt received a phone call from the principal saying her absence for the day was excused.

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