Saturday, February 25, 2012


Tuesday was the last day of a very long weekend for us. Here is a little of what we did.
We ate breakfast together.

Julia was so distraught when Matt had to go to work, we decided to make him a cake.

I'd love to say that the girls decorated the cake all on their own, but that would be a lie. I am just THAT untalented at cake decorating. What I'm pretty good at though is frizzing up my my hair, specifically frizzing/curling my hair with socks. (Don't ask. HA!) Julia liked it, but Audrey didn't. I enjoyed it for a few minutes, but it was soon in a ponytail - like usual!

We also spent part of our day just posing for the camera.

And as any mom does, sometimes I just have to force kisses on my children.

See the frizz I mentioned??? HA!
I love my girls!

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