Friday, March 2, 2012

Audrey's had a high fever since Wednesday night. She fights so hard when I mention the word "medicine" that I don't give it to her until she hits 103+. I guess the good thing is that even when her fever is a 104 or so, she still finds the energy to run and hide in her room, locking the door and crawling under the covers of her bed. (A pretty good hiding place, really, since she hasn't actually slept in her bed more than twice the past 14 months). When I chase her down with medicine in tow, she's well enough to clamp her mouth shut and shake her head emphatically. She's well enough to argue that "Julia might get sick if she gets close to me. We need to share the medicine. I get a little. Julia gets a little. I've already had a little. That's Julia's." She's well enough to dribble the medicine back out of her mouth or even force herself to throw the medicine back up once I give it to her.

I've threatened to spank her the last 2 times I've given her medicine b/c of all this. Fortunately, she's given in before I had to actually do it.

Her only symptom of illness is this fever. 45 minutes or so after the medicine has been given, her body temp feels close to normal and she's back to eating (AK had too many Pringles yesterday... but it's hard to say "no" when she's sick and when Momma still feels guilty for threatening spankings for a sick child. Just Saying)

She's on the couch catching up on sleep right now. I gave her a dose of medicine at 3:00 or so. It's a little after 9 now and she still feels cool. Let's hope it stays that way.

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