Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 10, 2012

Audrey opted for biscuit doughnuts for her birthday breakfast. We added candles, of course!

After breakfast we opened presents.

Our morning and early afternoon was spent hanging around the house and enjoying some family time! Eventually, we got dressed and went outside to take some pictures. Audrey's pictures are in the previous post. Here are a few more.

After our photo shoot. We had to say good-bye to Meme, Pop, and Eli.

Then we headed to a "paint your own" pottery studio. The girls each chose a plate to decorate. Audrey seemed to have fun.

Julia didn't have much fun. She'd already been feeling a little off, and after 5 minutes of painting she was finished. She cuddled up in my lap and just waited for AK. The lady at the pottery place said she'd save Julia's plate for us to finish next weekend.

Julia fell asleep as soon as we got home, woke up 2 hours later only to move from the couch to her floor bed. Let's hope, hope, hope she gets better soon. She has her first Kindergarten Field Trip Tuesday. She's been talking about going on a field trip for MONTHS so I would be so sad for her if she missed it.

Audrey came home from the pottery place, watched a little TV, and fell asleep on the couch too. She's just exhausted, not sick.

We'd been planning on going out to eat, but Audrey refused (good thing since Julia got sick). Then we offered to order pizza. Audrey said she no longer ate pizza. She said she wanted peanut butter for dinner. Fine with us, but Matt and I picked up pizza and added a side of "parmesan bread bites" for the birthday girl just in case she changed her mind regarding food. She's just finishing up a meal of ice cream, peanut butter bread, and parmesan bread. In that order.

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