Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visitors from TN

We have company for the Bowman Girls' Birthday Week. Meme, Pop, and cousin Eli came to visit us. Their trip has been lots of fun... for us.

Eli's Mommy, though, is missing him like crazy.
It's his first trip away from her.

Aunt Amy, we're taking very good care of your little one, see?

Doesn't that picture give you peace about his well being? ;)

Eli spent most of today hanging out with the adults and Audrey. This was right before his morning nap. He actually let Audrey hold him for several minutes. She was thrilled.

After Julia got home from school, we went to the church playground.

I think... maybe, just maybe... he liked the slides the best! Closing his eyes in eager anticipation was totally cute. He also looked cute playing elsewhere.

Please know that Eli's receiving lots of hugs and kisses while he's down here. They aren't as good as hugs and kisses from his Mom, Dad, and Brother but I know you guys will catch up on those as soon as he gets back home.

We'll make sure Eli calls you first thing tomorrow! Love you, Amy!

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