Sunday, March 4, 2012

400th Counted Blessing!

391. Free 10x13 of the girls. It's from Walmart's Picture Me studio so it's not creative or artistic, but it's a free picture of my girlies and only took about 30 minutes of our time.

392. Audrey being fever free for over 24 hours now. She had a high fever (our highest tympanic reading was 104.6) from Wednesday night until Saturday morning. We got in lots of snuggle time, but it has been a long few days!

393. Audrey's fever being easily brought down by medicine. I did wind up spanking her the last 2 times we gave medicine :(

394. Fun times cheerleading this year (although Julia and I were both ready for the season to be over)

395. Audrey finally opening up and cheering with us a little last weekend.

396. I said I'd never make homemade pizza again, but since we still had pizza sauce in the refrigerator I decided we should try out biscuit pizza. It was much easier. :)

397. 2 successful "new to me" recipes Friday night. I made cheese grits and biscuit doughnuts - so good!
398. Audrey feeling good enough to come to Upward's closing ceremony this afternoon (good thing since Matt had something he had to do work related at the same time as Upward.) Here are the 2 of us right before Audrey fell asleep on my lap. She may not be sick any more, but her body is still extra tired!

399. Someone willing to video for me so that Matt could see Julia's performance. I wanted it for myself too since I couldn't watch just Julia during the show.

400. My Cheerleader Julia!

Yes, the above one is posed immediately after they finished. That's why Julia is the only one with poms up! Coach Mama had to get a still shot! The picture below is with a fellow Cheerio!

This may be the only time Julia ever cheers, and that's A-ok. (Just say "NO" to skimpy cheerleading outfits!) I just really enjoyed spending this time with her learning a little about something that was new to both of us.

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