Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blessing 401-410

401. Spring Break! 9 days with no school :) We've already been to the pool once (we went March 16th - I wanted to make sure and have the girls swim while it was still officially winter) and we plan on swimming several times this week.

402. Julia's homework Thursday night was funny. She was supposed to write a 4 sentence story about what she's doing during Spring Break. Her first sentences were, "I want to go to Tennessee for spring brake. But Mom wont let me."
403. All G's on Julia's report card. 65 in all. Grading Scale: Good, Satisfactory, or Needs Help.
404. The girls being happy with the plates they painted. We picked them up today, and ate on them at dinner.

405. Fun with the first living room campout of Spring Break. Last night, the girls snuggled on the couch with us to watch The Princess and the Frog before moving their sleeping bags in there to fall asleep while watching TV.
406. The laughs the four of us have shared while reading Junie B. Jones books together. Yes, Matt finds her amusing too!
407. Matt getting nearly 4 hours to himself today while the girls and I ran errands.
408. Buying some new toys for outside play. We grabbed a scooter, a velcro ball set, and a bouncy ball thingamajig... you know where they sit on it, hold the handle, and bounce. Anyways. Matt took the girls outside to try it all out as soon as we got home.

409.Silly girls who have slept WITH a couple of Matt's t-shirts the last few weeks and have recently decided they want to sleep IN mine.

410. Tired children who each fell asleep in less than 3 minutes tonight. Love it.

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