Friday, March 9, 2012

March 7, 2012

Julia's birthday started with biscuit doughnuts (and eggs and fruit) while we sat down for a family foursome breakfast.

We took cupcakes to school for both girls that day since it was Audrey's last day of the week. I joined her class for a minute during snack time to help celebrate. (I didn't cut my hair, it just looks funky in the picture)

A few minutes later, Matt and I headed to the elementary school to join Julia while she ate lunch. It was picture day at school so she was out of uniform. Julia made sure to tell us that her teacher made her take off the "birthday crown" for her school/class picture.

After school, there were presents. The girls each opened about half the presents Wednesday and have saved the other half for Audrey's birthday, Saturday, since so many of the presents are identical or very similar.

They received many new clothes and started trying them on immediately. Audrey was sweating before the night was over, and I realized it was because she had on 3 layers of new clothes.

Posing, posing.

Happy Birthday, sweet Julia! We love you!

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