Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break fun

The first few days of Spring Break have been fun, at least I hope they've been fun for the girls.
After playing outside Monday morning for just a few minutes (and totally driving me crazy with their whining) we headed to the library. I also made up an outdoor scavenger hunt for the girls to do after we checked out books.

We weren't able to find everything on our list (there was not a squirrel on the entire block!) but they still enjoyed the treat I brought for them - Easter eggs filled with jellybeans!

We swam later that day, but the girls really didn't want to put on sunscreen, so I only allowed them 25 minutes in the pool. They were ready to go inside by then anyways. The water was still cold. I think Audrey has inherited my unique sense of style. :)

Tuesday morning, I texted a friend from our Lifegroup and we arranged to meet at a local park close to her house. Here is Julia and friend walking hand in hand. Adorable.

All 4 of the girls:

We walked to their house afterwards for a tea party. I had prepared snack food (strawberries, cheese sticks, graham crackers, etc) in Easter eggs. I think that the girls' food will be served in Easter eggs countless times in the next few weeks.

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