Monday, February 20, 2012

Homemade Pizza

Publix has lots of Italian foods on sale this week. I had a much larger than usual shopping list to take advantage of these deals as the girls and I shopped earlier today. I even decided to try something new out in the kitchen. Homemade pizza. I bought the bakery prepped pizza dough, canned pizza sauce, and cheese (all of the items BOGO, of course).

All afternoon, I had glorious visions of making this homemade pizza with my girls right by my side to help me. I really should have known better...

Those glorious visions began all right. I had just 1 helper (the other decided she'd rather watch TV with Daddy). Helper Julia started off playing with the "smushy" stuff (soft and mushy = smushy... good thinking, Jules).

There are no more pictures of us preparing the pizza, because... well... because things quickly turned ugly. The pizza dough just wouldn't spread out anymore than it is in the above picture. The dough wasn't nearly as easy to shape as I was hoping. The youtube video I watched did not adequately prepare me. Watching my "stepsister" (quotes because we've only met 4 times and it feels odd calling her that) a Papa Johns employee, prepare a pizza over Christmas break did not adequately prepare me either. My glorious visions of wonderful pizza preparation dissolved into nothingness and left me kicking Julia out of the kitchen while I went about pounding, tugging, pulling, and glaring at the totally uncooperative pizza dough.

I don't like pizza dough anymore.

Eventually, I wrestled the stuff into an almost circular shape and called Julia back into the kitchen. She helped spread the sauce and cheese on top, and I spooned garlic butter around the outer crust. When we had the pizza in the oven, I made sure to apologize for snapping at her when I was actually annoyed with the dough. Poor sweet baby.

I then let the girls play on our flour covered work space for a few minutes before we cleaned it up.

Here's our finished product.

It tasted just fine but was definitely not worth my tears.
We will not be attempting this again.

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