Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hike to Little Falls

 We were invited to go with a few other families to take an easy hike up to a little waterfall Wednesday. We were thrilled to have something to do. 
Julia went hiking... hiking!! She squealed every time a branch brushed against her and also when she had to walk through a tiny bit of mud, but good for her for being ready and willing to try something out of her usual comfort zone.  

As we packed our gear for our hike, Audrey insisted she wouldn't want to play so she didn't need to wear a bathing suit.
Momma knows her child, though.  Dry clothes were in our bag.  :)
Despite my warnings, Audrey hiked back down in her flip flops. She didn't get hurt, but she did (very loudly) exclaim repeatedly that the mud she stepped in was actually "Bear POOP on her foot!"
Fun times with new friends!

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