Saturday, June 14, 2014

We've moved

Well, it happened again. The Bowman family has started life in a new city as Matt pastors a new church.

(excuse me while I take a deep, calming breath)

We live in North GA now, and I am handling our move better than I did last time.  (FYI "better than last time" means that I haven't spent every night of the first month crying hysterically while seriously wondering if I need therapy... let's all celebrate.)
Things have gone pretty smoothly so far:
* The girls have made several little friends at church.
* We've already checked out the local library and their summer kids activities.
* Extra events at church have helped us get to know members a little faster.
* We've had out of town friends visit already... all others are welcome! Seriously, we're lonely. VISIT US!
Our visitors, Will and Miranda - fabulous people!

* I've only gotten lost in town once.  Unfortunately it was our first night here, it was dark, I was by myself, and googlemaps and I weren't on the same page ... tears did happen that night.
* We've visited Toccoa Falls twice now. The girls love playing on the rocks!
 * Miranda and I (and the big vein in my forehead) had our picture taken with Batman.
So yeah, things are going pretty well. Don't you agree??

Today, I went ahead and made a "Summer: To Do" list for the girls. I did this last year too and am confident it will help keep me from being a completely lazy mom with lazy kids the entire summer.  Water balloons, ice cream sundaes, and different craft projects all made the list.  I also included several science experiments (more ideas welcome), and Matt and I decided to put a trip to the Georgia Aquarium on there too.  Fun!

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  1. This is so exciting! You are only about two hours away from me. Michael Paul use to kayak around there. So in the 14 years since high school, this is the closest we have ever lived to each other. Oh yes. Visits are definitely in the future!!!!! :) and if you ever venture up into the NC mountains, you are always welcome here.