Monday, July 7, 2014

My first trip to South Carolina

Last week I talked about how much I detest Mondays. The beginning of the work week brings too much loneliness for me... usually. This week, I'm admitting that for the 2nd week in a row Monday hasn't been depressing.  Yay! Today, Matt got an extra day off so we decided we'd take a road trip to Greenville, SC.  Our main objective for the day was to visit the Children's Museum. The girls really enjoyed themselves.
 Audrey says her favorite part was this climbing structure.
Julia claims her favorite was the race car.
But the attraction they actually spent the most time at was the Construction Zone. Who would have thought?
Afterwards we walked to a local coffee/ice cream shop for a treat. 
 Then, we walked around Greenville's nature park. It was beautiful, but the long walk made Audrey's "feet hurt sooooooo bad" and mean old Mommy refused to carry her. As soon as we were in sight, she ran for the van and promptly fell asleep.
The Bowman family excursion concluded with dinner at Outback. We didn't have one close by in Alabama and have been sitting on a couple of gift cards for years. So, if you happened to give us an Outback gift card for Christmas back in 2009, we thank you for tonight's dinner.   :)

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