Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Boss

Our 3 year old, Julia, is bossy. Perhaps it's because she's the first born. Perhaps it's because she's the oldest among her close group of friends. Perhaps it's because she's been spoiled by me and Matt. Most likely it's a combination of these and more... Either way, the result is now the same. Julia thinks she is in charge, and that we live so as to respond to her orders. Lately, all we seem to hear is: "Get me more drink. Put in my DVD. Make me lunch. Play this game. " Perhaps this seemingly incessant barking of commands is why today I was so excited about a single sentence that she said. We were in my bedroom, and I was finishing up her 2nd foot when I hear a simple and sweet, "Thank you for painting my toenails, Mommy." Now, I know that this isn't a huge breakthrough, but it certainly made me look up at her with a great big smile on my face and say, "You're welcome sweet girl."

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