Monday, July 20, 2009

Facebook note copied to the Blog

1. I make up my own songs and lyrics all the time; it's really irritating so matt tells me. too bad for him that our 3 year old is already doing it too.

2. I spend an average of 7 minutes a day just looking for my car keys.

3. I checked out 2 books at the library this week... 1 was by Mary Higgins Clark the other by Danielle Steel -- i'm deep, i know.

4. I'm not obsessive about alot, but I've got a 14 step process for how fruit flavored candy must be eaten. you want to know more? bring by a pack of skittles and settle in to listen

5. I refer to April 5, 2002 as my own personal D-day.

6. I love word and number puzzles and there are approx. 20 variety puzzle books stashed around my house right now.

7. I'm a night owl. 2 am is nothing.

8. Spaghetti is my favorite dinner.

9. I have absolutely no fashion sense or yearning to shop - i'd prefer someone else dress me.

10. My heart beats faster at the very idea of someone touching my feet. stay away, i'm not kidding, i will hit.

11. I'm the biological mother of 2 beautiful girls and yet I've never felt a single labor pain.

12. I'm really sad that Jon and Kate are divorcing - although from the news this week, he's looking like a real jerk.

13. I'm a natural born worrier. Sending our friend requests on facebook even makes me anxious... what if this person who i haven't seen in a decade and am unlikely to ever see again ignores me??

14. The next book I want to read is Denise George's "What Pastors Wish Church Members Knew," ... i've got so many of my own ideas reguarding this topic.

15. I learned how to crochet in college, but was never any good... i'm working on my first cross stitch now. it's crazy easier

16. I spent a significantly large percentage of my afternoons during the previous year standing out in my driveway waving to the school buses as they drove by.

17. As a stay at home mom, i sometimes feel that our weekly trip to the grocery store is the highlight (and lowlight) of my week.

18. For the last 5 years, i've lived more than 7 hours away from family... i'd love to live closer....maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. Close enough for an easy weekend or even day trip, but not so close that the grandparents would be stopping by after work.

19. I have never had a credit card and I have no intention of ever getting one.

20. I started crushing on matt in Feb of my sr year of high school.... he thought i was a moron. :(

21. You know that annoying mom in front of you at the grocery store who keeps digging in her pockets and diaper bag making sure she's handed over all the coupons?? that's me.

22. I'm scared of everything... i'd talk more about this, but then it might get used against me at a later date.

23. A pet peeve of mine is when people leave the refrigerator door open the entire time they are pouring drinks.

24. I bruise easily.

25. I'm really nervous and yet really excited about what the future holds for me and my family... so many unknowns!!!

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