Thursday, July 23, 2009

Saying Good-bye

Matt's resigned his ministerial position in PC and although I am fully supportive of this change in our lives, I must admit that leaving this church and these people is at times near heartbreaking. I'm not going to pretend that everything here has been perfect, and to be honest there are a few people here that I will not miss whatsoever... in fact I might jump for joy the last time I am forced to exchange pleasantries with them. However, there are many, many more people in PC that I will miss.

When we moved to PC, it was just me and Matt. PC is where we went from a couple to a family. These are the people that I cried with, laughed with, and exchanged stories with while I was beginning this tricky role called motherhood. Perhaps I'm just a little extra emotional during this very big month in my family's life, but leaving these people is at times just tearing at me. No where else that we move will we have a church family that was there the day my girls entered the world. Our next church won't remember what my children looked like as infants. It's almost like I'm having to leave behind a part of the girls' histories.

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