Monday, July 27, 2009

No ice cream for you...

Ok, so Meme and Pop (Matt's parents) are in town. Yay!! We love when we have people visit. Tonight is their last night here and the plan was to have an early dinner at home and then head out to get some ice cream... everybody thought this was a fabulous idea so I got to cooking. When dinnertime rolled around, I called everybody to the table. After Julia got in the room, I went over to her to put her hair up LIKE ALWAYS and here came the fit. I just knew that after a few minutes on the spot, she'd calm down and come eat (with her hair back of course... i mean i can't give in or she'll think fits get her what she wants.) Well, a few minutes later, she's still freaking out on us, so before the rest of us get indigestion from it, I sent her to her room while we finished eating.

After the rest of us had eaten, Julia had calmed down a little so I wound up going in to see her. Things went pretty well and I convinced her to come eat. She didn't know it, but I was also at this point willing to go to bat for her when it came to going to get ice cream... Matt had mentioned to me previously that all hope of this was gone for her. Anyway, so I get her to the table and am putting the hairband in and...well... she'd been rolling around all over the floor during her fit, and her hair was tangled, and I did the unthinkable and pulled it (a tiny bit i promise) Well, that started the entire freak out again. So without continuing on with too much more detail, let's just say that it is 6:45 pm. Meme, Pop, Audrey, and Matt are out getting ice cream; Julia is in the bed; and I am blogging.

I hope they bring back some white turtle.

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