Thursday, July 15, 2010

About me - again!

Since I enjoyed writing the original "About me" PLUS I got some good feedback on it, I'm typing up some more!

In my early 20's I got into watching reruns of "Roseanne" simply because I wasn't allowed to watch it in my teens. I tend to find reruns of a show and watch them continuously for a few months until I've seen every episode and then I never really want to watch the show again. Shows that I've done this with include the aforementioned "Roseanne", "Yes, Dear", "What I Like About You", "King of Queens", "Friends", and "George Lopez". My current obsession is "Everybody Loves Raymond". My blog/facebook friends are the closest friends I have - this can make for a sometimes lonely time. I used to think that churches came with alot of baggage, and while this is true it's also true that ministers and their families come with a fair share of baggage as well. My hesitancy to make friends in Robertsdale is proof enough of this. I wear flipflops at least 9 months out of the year. Perhaps, living near the coast can push that closer to year-round! My favorite day of the week is Thursday - it's Matt's day off PLUS I know that he only has 1 workday before he has another day off. I check the locks on the doors multiple times before I'm able to go to sleep although my obsession with this has lessened since we've moved to an apartment. I think I feel safer here b/c I know that if I scream there are people close enough to hear. Seriously.

I'm also scared of dogs. I like to say that I'm only scared of big dogs, but that's not true. I'm actually scared of all dogs - hello? they all have teeth don't they? I bruise incredibly easy. I don't know where half my bruises come from. I like to sing, but I rarely know all the lyrics of a song. I enjoy staying up late so that I can have time by myself without children around. I'm overly concerned with what people think about me. In fact, I'm worrying right now that people reading this are going to think less of me b/c of some of the stuff I'm admitting. I would love to have another child. I love the boy name, Cullen, but I don't think I'd use it because of the whole vampire connection. I've never read any of those vampire books and I don't intend to. I think my kids are at their absolute cutest when they're asleep. I feel really at peace when I'm at the beach and step in the sand for the first time. I've always wished I had curly hair. Although it happens very rarely, I love having someone else pluck my eyebrows - it's relaxing to me. If I drink coffee, I like it with french vanilla flavored cream, sugar and I don't drink it until it's close to tepid. My writing was recently likened to that of Andy Rooney. I had taken the comment as a compliment until I googled the guy and read the words "fussbudget" and "curmudgeon." EEK! :)

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Rest assured, the comment was meant as a compliment!!!

  2. Cullen is also one of my favorite names, I knew a little boy with that name and have always wanted to use it. Because of Twilight, Clay would rather die.

    I LOVE Everybody Loves Raymond. I record all the reruns and watch them at night when I need to laugh. It is scary how much my life is like that family!!

    I love that you admitted personal details-of course I think I am also nosy. HA!

    I was also not allowed to watch Roseanne and in college I used to watch the reruns. That is funny that we knew each other and didn't even know we had that in common.

  3. I LOVE sleeping baby/kid pictures. Why are they so adorable at that moment?

  4. If you're ever in Nashville, we'll have some coffee together, and catch an Everybody Loves Raymond. I'm sure it will be on some channel. =0

  5. I love to sing but I never know any of the lyrics either. I don't understand why I'm married to one of the most musical people I know and I can't remember a complete song. It's so bad with me after church on Sunday I'll tell Bradley, "I really enjoyed such n such song" and Bradley will say, "we didn't sing that song today." Happens frequently. :)