Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm still here

I haven't blogged in a week. I've thought about it a number of times, but the only thing that ever came to mind to type was "bleh, toiosarneioioklw & blabbity, blah, wokdaosudkn blah!"

Yeah - nothing was coming to mind but I wanted to type up a quick note tonight.

Matt and I are leaving tomorrow (5AM = leaving church) to chaperone youth camp for the week. His parents are in town to watch the girls so I know they'll have a good time playing! I didn't even feel all that emotional myself about leaving town until tonight. We got home around 8:40 and I just sat on the couch and snuggled with Julia as the tears started to come. Not too much later my phone rang (HI ELLEN !!!) and I was able to push the emotions back. No need to make the girlies sad!!!

I was a little disappointed not to be able to spend this last evening with the girls before our trip, but Matt and I had to head to church for a rehearsal. I was able to sing (with a few other people) for the first time in a while. It felt good. Sometimes you just don't realize you've been missing something...

I had a busy day yesterday. After a family breakfast, I drove up to church to spend time with my fellow preschool teachers. What??? I don't think I've mentioned this online, but I'm teaching preschool this fall. It's a little extra money, it's part-time, it's getting me out of the house, and the girls will be going up there too! This is really great blessing for me! Although, perhaps I'll feel differently once I'm in a class surrounded by 4 year olds! ;) We had 2 parties yesterday afternoon to attend, plus Matt's parents drove in - it was a fun day. Sometimes in my rather boring life it's nice to have lots of places to go!

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  1. Don't feel bad about not blogging. I go through periods where I don't really have anything to say either. It's just nice to know that you're still out there!