Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have a few more pictures that I want to share from our TN trip.

Julia and Brodye had a good time running through the sprinkler. Audrey?? not so much - although I did capture a pretty smile from her!

What's with the odd look of the above pictures?? I was asking myself the same thing but have since realized that it must have been the humidity in the air.

After dinner that evening, we made Meme and Pop a countdown to their trip to AL. Good job to these 2 for working together on that project!

What a fabulous threesome...

...but we're excited that this group will be growing into a foursome come January. (Matt's sister and her hubs are expecting a baby.)

Ok, so this next photo has nothing to do with our afternoon at the Bowman's, but I'm a SUCKER for sleeping child photos! See here, here, here, here for just a months' worth of sleeptime photos.

Children tend to be so much more precious when they're asleep, don't you think??!! :) I love Julia's "all in her face" hairstyle. The child has inherited my hair - thick, just a touch of curl, and quick to frizz! As for Audrey, look at her little belly. The girl has muscles and a rather athletic build (this was NOT inherited from me) but she still has a little baby belly, and it's so cute poking over her seat straps!


  1. Cute pics! Sweet kids. Glad you had fun :)

    Don't forget the group will be growing even bigger in February!!

  2. Good pictures; you know the humidity is baaaaddd when it shows up in a picture. It's really yucky out there today! :>(