Saturday, June 12, 2010

Found it!

We found my camera battery charger!!! YAY! It wound up being spotted on Matt's nightstand, but there really is NO WAY that we both missed seeing it there for the 4 days it was gone. After it was found, we called Julia in to tell her. I said, "Julia, Daddy found the camera charger!" She replied, "Yay! I'm glad it was by Daddy's alarm clock!"

Wait just a minute.

I didn't tell the child it was by Matt's alarm clock; I just told her we found it. I think that a certain shortie in my house had a little bit more to do with the disappearance/reappearance of the camera battery charger than she will admit...


Now I can add a few pictures that I wanted to post earlier this week.

Here's a picture of what Julia and Audrey did on the way home from our trip to the movies Wednesday. Sitting on your bottom in a movie theater for 90 minutes can really wear a child out!!

And here's one of the shots that Photographer Julia took of me and Matt on our anniversary.

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  1. She did a great job with the picture!!! Maybe she's a little photographer in the making!