Thursday, June 17, 2010

This & That Thursday

* We've got VBS this week. Both girls have enjoyed themselves (although Audrey does cry at drop off!) Audrey singing the little preschool songs (motions too!) is just the C-U-T-E-S-T thing! I can't wait to see these 2 perform on Family night tomorrow. A video is a MUST! Don't they look like they're having fun at VBS????

* Julia's been sleeping in winter pajamas recently. She thinks it is hilarious to come running out of her room in fleece even when the low at night is 80!

* Skittles aren't working so well for Audrey and the potty. I think we might move to $. Perhaps she would like the clink of coins in her piggy bank. That or M&M's - perhaps chocolate would work better than skittles??

* We got a few new floatie toys for the pool. Audrey's favorite new toy is the little boat we bought. She likes to throw it in the pool and then jump in after it feet first. Since this action could easily cause her to bust her head open, we've outlawed it. Now she has to settle for diving out of her boat.

* Wednesday night the girls didn't sleep too well. Both girls woke up multiple times. One of the times Julia woke up she was having a night terror. She screamed for awhile, then walked into our room and finally woke up. During this screaming session she woke up Audrey. We wound up putting them back down together - I think this is the first time they've slept together, not that it lasted more than an hour or two.

By the way, Julia's shirtless in the above photo because the child insisted that night on wearing another of her fleece pajamas. Apparently, some time before she fell asleep she got too hot. I promise the child does have summer pj's to wear!

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  1. That is so cute, them sleeping together! Whenever we had bad dreams growing up, my parents never let us sleep with them, they always said, go get in bed with your sister! Julie and I slept together almost every night from about age 6 to 12! Sisters are so special!