Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grossology 101

My kids could teach the course (although I'm sure all mom's, dad's, babysitters, etc. have their own gross kids stories) and Julia and Audrey have exhibited some of their grossosity today.

A. Julia was told this afternoon to stop licking her armpits. A few minutes (literally about 90 seconds) later she was told to stop eating the skin on her heel.

2. Pretty much at the same time as big sis was eating her foot, Audrey decided to randomly get up and grab a baby wipe. She then pulled her pants down and started wiping her panty area. Ok? so what?? Well, instead of throwing these wipes away she started putting them in my oven mitts! What! 2 wipes went in before she was caught.

D. The girls tried making out with the mannequins at Old Navy today. Ugh! How many other people have touched that fake dog?? **BUT** They also posed for these pics while I was trying on clothes.

Brag spot!
While this subject can get pretty gross if the child isn't successful, I'd like to brag about Audrey's almost full potty chart! We'll be going to church with just panties tomorrow. Her first time out of Mommy & Daddy's care sans diaper was Wednesday, but tomorrow will for a good bit longer time period! Cross your fingers! How many extra dresses should I pack?? :) Please also take note of the potty chart Julia decided to make this morning.


  1. ha ha ha - Gross! Is this what I have to look forward to? I thought I would get to avoid most of the gross stuff by having a girl. Guess not!

    On an unrelated topic - Michael Paul just walked by me and said your blog looks like a Vera Bradley purse. I think he meant it as a compliment.

  2. This is hilarious - you should be a comedy writer!

  3. When I first read this, I thought, "How does one go about licking one's armpit?" And so I had to try it. Not the licking part, of course, but at least a test to see if I could reach.