Thursday, June 3, 2010

This & That Thursday

* On the way home from Publix this morning, I was kind of daydreaming. Apparently, this daydreaming caused me to drive a little slow. I wound up getting passed by an old lady in a cadillac. She even had a handicapped license plate. I should be ashamed of myself.

*While I'm typing this, Audrey's refusal to go to sleep is driving me nuts. The girl can get LOUD!

*Matt drove up to Phenix City after church last night to attend a funeral this morning. He was planning on lying low on this trip, but that didn't actually happen since he wound up being a pallbearer. I know he was glad to be there to give support to some really special teenagers.

* After the funeral, Matt's driving to a staff retreat. He won't be back home until Saturday. BUT - Tomorrow, the girls and I are riding with the other church staff families to join the staff at a cabin somewhere in AL. We'll be hanging out Friday night and a little Saturday. I'm thrilled to have one less night that I have to stay at home by myself.

* I've recently becomed addicted to "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns. I even checked out the entire first season on DVD at the library. Don't be jealous of my exciting life!

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