Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clothes and a free movie

The picture above (taken Monday afternoon) may cause you to ask a few questions.
* Why does Julia look so sad?
* Why are the girls dressed up?
* Why is Valerie taking their picture by a dumpster?

Let me explain...
We went swimming Monday morning and after their shower (yes, they showered together instead of bathed) the girls wound up putting on pajamas - Julia was in fleece. After they ate and rested/napped I needed to go throw some trash away and pick up our mail. When I told them to go grab some clothes to change into, this is what they chose. Dresses - cute, pretty dresses to be worn for 5 minutes while we dumped our trash. Julia's refusal to smile is just b/c she's going through that "don't take my picture" phase.

Here are my fashionistas on Tuesday as we headed to the Free Movie of the week - Planet 51.

The movie was supposed to start at 10:00. We arrived at 9:45, and checked out 3 different screening rooms before settling on sharing a 2 seater by raising the armrest in between the seats. Audrey wound up going potty twice before the movie started. Of course, this was b/c the movie didn't actually start until 10:28. We also dug into our treats.

Yes, I brought popcorn and drinks from home to the theater. Me pay movie snack prices? HAHAHAHAHA!!

By 10:35 Audrey needed to potty again, by 10:40 she'd finished her snack, and by 10:45 she was standing in my lap waving at people - crying when I made her sit down. Planet 51 did not interest her - at all! When 11:00 rolled in she needed to potty AGAIN and while we were taking our restroom break Julia said she didn't like the movie and wanted to leave.

She did not have to say this twice.

We were walking out of the front doors by 11:07.

End of story? NOPE

Do you want to know what Audrey did around 11:14ish??
She decided that the four trips to the bathroom at the movies wasn't enough and informed me that she had just gone to the bathroom in her car seat.

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