Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back to Blessings!

201. Matt graduating last week
202. Not 1, but 2 new dresses bought FOR ME recently! They’re very cute if I do say so myself.
203. Using gift cards to purchase 2 new dresses plus some pieces for the girls (mostly Julia since Audrey has a lot of hand-me-downs) Julia asked if she could wear her favorite 2 pieces to school Monday.

I said “no” ;) She wound up wearing the shorts Monday and the shirt Wednesday.
204. A newfound water fountain in the park where I run
205. Perfect springlike days this week where the weather was brilliantly sunny, breezy, and the temp. high was 72 degrees.
206. Freshly cleaned carpets
207. Extra sleep lately for this bedhog

She's all smiles b/c of the extra sleep!

208. A fun (yet final) meeting with our current lifegroup. We grilled burgers and hotdogs, sat around a campfire, and I got some burnt marshmallows. Fabulous. Oh, and the company was great too!
209. Audrey’s look of self pride when she showed off her newfound artistic skills.

We asked, “Audrey, who taught you to draw like that?”

Audrey said, “Julia, at bedtime.”

OH! So that’s what keeps you 2 awake at nighttime!! BTW – my kids still sleep in the floor. Just in case you were wondering.

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