Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures

I mentioned that we went to the beach this past Thursday. Here are a number of pictures I took. I've also got a few more blessings to list.

221: My children getting to enjoy a week with their grandparents
222: 2 evenings that Matt and I get to enjoy a quiet house.
223: getting to chaperone Global Youth Camp this Monday - Friday
224: not having to cook a single meal between now until Saturday!
225: the comfort brought to me by cleaning up the girls' rooms while they're away. It makes me feel closer to them.
226. more than 100 beach pictures to sort through that allowed me to see brand new pictures of my sweet, gorgeous girls!
227. hearing their voices on the phone last night
228. having a picture sent to me from our brother-in-law of the girls snuggling with their Pop and baby cousin, Eli. It does my heart good to see them having fun.
229. being home last night for Matt to help a neighbor move a mattress to her upstairs apt. Sounds silly, but she lives alone and all the other neighbors are older. I'm glad we were there to help her.
230. The excitement of hearing some awesome praise music this week. We're looking forward to it!

I love these pics of them playing together. What 1 does, the other does.


  1. Love the pictures!! Julie was very into looking at them...didn't take her eyes off the screen as I was scrolling through. :o)

  2. Cute Cute Cute! I love Audrey's swim suit!

  3. Enjoyed the pictures and getting to see the girls in person last night at Dad's house (haven't seen them since Thanksgiving)! They are growing up so fast! Hope you and Matt have a great week!