Monday, May 2, 2011

New playground

Friday was such a beautiful day! (blessing #191) It was warm, sunny, with a hint of a breeze. The girls and I decided that we needed to pack a picnic and take it up to the apartment's playground. When we arrived to the playground we were surprised to find brand new playground equipment! (192)

What a blessing to have a little one with alot of courage! 193! Audrey was really scaring me with her acrobatics. Go, girlie, go! She didn't have the sense to wait for me to spot her even though those monkey bars were 7.5 feet high. She'd climb to the top, take a flying leap, and I'd anxiously wait an entire 0.13 seconds hoping she actually caught the bar she was leaping towards.
What a blessing to have Julia willing and able to take photos for me! 194.

Julia on the other hand is a little more scared of hurting herself. (I consider this blessing 195. One fearless child in the family is enough for me!) When Julia finally worked up the nerve to try the monkey bars, she stood at the bottom looking up, breathed in deep, and said to herself, "Here's my chance". Wow. Can you say 'dramatic'? And all that drama led to sweet little Julia getting to the 2nd rung on the ladder before changing her mind and backing down. And when I say 2nd rung, I mean 2nd from the bottom!

What a blessing (196) to see Julia eventually conquer her fear!

What a blessing (197) to have Audrey be a willing (if not yet able) photographer!

198. Sweet smiles on command

199. Excitement as they explored the rest of the little playground. "Oooh, wow, it has a real telescope!"

200. Having a pretty day Saturday so we could go back and show Matt the new fun stuff!

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