Saturday, January 7, 2012


351. A sweet husband willing to take the girls to the zoo on their last day of Christmas vacation. We decided to go ahead and get a membership. As long as we go 2 more times in the next year it will be worth it. We figured we can stop by on our way to or from the beach!

352. A $13+ money maker at Rite Aid this week!
353. A sweet daddy/daughter pic

354. The cuteness of my 3 year old. She's been extra sassy this week (both in a good and bad way!)

355. A special kiss from Audrey. Audrey and I welcomed 2012 spending the night on the couch because she had a stomach bug. She really wanted us to snuggle, so we threw the back cushions off the couch and slept next to each other. She did a really great job of waking me up to get her the "throw up bucket" when it was needed. After one of those times, we had just snuggled back down and closed our eyes when I felt the sweetest, most tender kiss on the forehead. Oh. I melted. What a way to say "Thank you. I love you."

356. Matt having a friend to help change the Jeep's alternator last Sunday. Can you imagine if I had had to "help" him???

357. A fun (and long!) day of cheerleading today. Julia and I loved spending time with and getting to know our team!
358. Eating lunch with an old preschool friend who cheers on another squad.
359. A birthday party for Audrey and Matt to attend while we were gone today. I'm so glad AK had something special to do too! The birthday girl is a special friend from both church and preschool! Her dad is the one who helped Matt with the alternator.
360. The kindness of the birthday girl's mom to send Julia a treat bag even though she didn't attend. Matt and Audrey also came home with a plate of leftover cake balls. Yum!

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