Friday, January 13, 2012

Report Card Day

Despite Julia's less than stellar approach to homework...

...she brought home a fabulous report card today! Good job, little girl!
We got a Sonic slush to celebrate her hard work and good behavior. Then we went home for me to actually look at the report card.
Here we go: G (good), S (Satisfactory), or N (Needs Help) in 48 different subcategories, yes 48! She earned 47 G's and 1 "S". In case you're wondering, Julia's "S" was under Social Development - Maintains an appropriate attention span. :)

These 2 pages made me smile, but the next page was even better! Julia's DIBELS scores from December have far surpassed the END of Kindergarten goals. (DIBELS is a way to monitor reading skills for No Child Left Behind.) My baby is learning so much! It's so great to see how proud she is of herself as she is able to read more and more. I like to have a big reaction, "Who told you what that said??!!" To which she replies in her high, squeaky, excited voice, "No one! I read it!"

Mama Bear's going to have to make a copy of this report card!


  1. I found your post by searching for more info on DIBELS as my daughter, too, has blown by all grade goals by miles. Is this pretty typical for kids or is it like a kid acing an SAT in high school? I know this is more comprehension than actual academic material, but still! My kid is in 1st grade and in the fall passed end of year goals!! Im not sure how to interpret these scores.

    1. While I would't call it 'typical', I also don't think it's uncommon for kids to reach these milestones early. Remember, we're talking about the end of year goals that EVERY child is challenged to reach. This includes children of parents who care nothing about their child's schoolwork, who never bother with homework, who rarely pick up a book to read to their child... Seeing as how you're on the internet researching DIBELS, I'd guess that you do NOT fall into the above mentioned category. At this young age, the work done at home both now and in her preschool years would help explain some of her progress. Great teachers in K and 1st grade would also be a factor. That being said, I don't know your child. Perhaps, she is genius. Set up a meeting with her teacher to help answer your questions.