Sunday, January 15, 2012

Julia's Cheerleading Debut

2 videos of Julia's "halftime show". Notice at the end of video 1 Julia throws in a spirited jump and high kick - cuteness! The end of video 2 is also cute, listen for Matt's "woohoo". Daddy's have to cheer for their daughters!


  1. Is it a Pentecostal league?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    No, Upward is not a Pentecostal league. It is, however, a Christian sports league and therefore has cheerleading outfits that are appropriate for children. My child cheers because she enjoys jumping up and down and yelling. She doesn't cheer in order to show off her 5 year old legs. As for the long sleeves...well, it's January.
    Check out the Upward Sports website for more info.

  3. Great job, Julia!! Aunt Vickie was a cheerleader, too.