Sunday, March 20, 2011


Blessing 111 - That a friend from way back in middle school likes the idea of counting your blessings so much that she's decided to do it too! Yay! Glad we can together go on this journey of looking and being thankful for the wonderful things in life!

Blessing 112 - A church parking lot and playground that we can enjoy on beautiful days like today! We have a small playground at our apartments, but I certainly like the one at church better. Plus, I'm more comfortable with the girls riding their bikes in an empty parking lot than our busy apartment one.

Blessing 113 - That I didn't hurt myself when I decided to play on the playground too. ;)

Blessing 114 - That I was confident enough to post that picture AND the picture of me on a tractor earlier this week DESPITE being told by my husband that I looked like a dork! (how rude!) There was most definitely a time not long ago that worrying about what people thought of me would have prevented those pics from being taken much less posted!

Blessing 115 - Audrey asking to take a nap today. Mark the books on this one!

Blessing 116 - The excitement of our first trip to the pool this year! The water was cold, but the girls and Matt enjoyed it. I put the swimsuit on, but couldn't bring myself to get in.

Blessing 117 - Quiet time to close my eyes and lay by the pool (instead of playing with my children!) ;)

Audrey eventually got too cold and was ready to come in. When Julia returned home 20 minutes after us, Julia's lips were purple!

118 - Not having to cook dinner, not even having to reheat the leftovers that we ate. Matt did it.

119 - A new author and book series I'm smack in the middle of right now. LOVE IT! Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove.

120 - The girl's looking forward to our lifegroup get together tomorrow as much as we are. They love hanging around the older girls whose families are also in our group!

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  1. Since I've been out of the blogging loop for a while I spent some time browsing through your blog the other day because I love reading your stories. I 've been meaning to tell you how great you look!! You should feel confident and proud, you look amazing!