Friday, March 11, 2011

Birthday Week: M-W

Blessing 91. Out of school 2 days for Mardi Gras! Monday and Tuesday - no school!
Blessing 92. One of our days off happened to be Julia's Birthday!
Blessing 93. Friends to come over and help the girls celebrate their birthday week with a Pancake Playdate. (Yes, we're celebrating birthdays all week long! Monday - Saturday)

Blessing 94. Birthday wishes for Julia from family via phone.

This is Julia blowing out candles again at dinner. We stuck them in a crescent roll this time.

Blessing 95. When Matt's parents called for Julia's birthday, Danny/Pop told us he was coming down to visit the next day. We decided to keep it a secret from the girls.
Blessing 96. The fun and sneakiness of getting Julia close to the window Tuesday afternoon so she could see her surprise visitor. We had fun with the camera!

We took some cute pics near the window

Then she did a double take as she saw a familiar van pull up. I was still taking her picture and she tried so hard to smile at me, but her eyes just kept darting towards the van. She's in the middle of saying "Pop!"

Blessing 97. Audrey getting a much needed nap and consequently sleeping through Pop's arrival. I warned Pop that Audrey typically wakes up from her naps grumpy. (I didn't want him taking offense!)
Blessing 98. Audrey did NOT wake up grumpy after all. When she heard his voice she looked up.

And was so excited she fell back to sleep! Or at least pretended to.
5 minutes later, Audrey started shouting "yah, yah" over and over. I have no idea what "yah, yah" means, but the child was certainly pleased to wake up to Pop!

Blessing 98. That the tornado that came through the area Wednesday morning didn't severely hurt anyone.
Blessing 99. That Matt and Danny saw the funnel, and I didn't. I think I would have wet myself.
Blessing 100. That the girls and other preschoolers I was around had no clue what was happening! Audrey's pre-k classroom is an interior room. Julia's class joined them, and the kids were none the wiser. They were even asking, "When are we going to play outside?" Ummm, the sky is green and the clouds are rotating. Not right now!

Blessing 101. That I had my kids with me during the tornado. My worries would have increased exponentially had they been at home with Pop! I'd told them they could skip school, but Julia takes her education very seriously ;) And Audrey takes separation from me AND Julia very seriously!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your lives in text and pictures! We enjoy your blog. You're an excellent writer!! Miss y'all.