Friday, March 18, 2011

Needing to not worry

I'm up late tonight (actually it's 2:45 AM) and I'm in dire need of a change of focus. I'm focusing on worries as I type this so counting my blessings is a must! I've been all dramatic humming "It Is Well With My Soul" for the last few minutes. Thinking that reading the story behind this hymn would make me cast proper light on my current worries, I googled it. Wow! I knew he wrote the hymn while at sea after losing his family in a shipwreck, but there was more than that! Horatio Spafford came to financial ruin due to the Great Chicago Fire in 1872, lost his 4 daughters to the shipwreck just 2 years later, and later lost his only son at age 4.

I worry about stupid stuff.

Let's focus on my multitude of wonderfulness! (And then perhaps I can go to sleep!)

Blessings 102-110!
I love working at the same preschool my kids attend! It's great being not just able but expected to attend their fun fieldtrips with them! Blessing 102 is getting to go with the girls and their friends to the farm Wednesday!

Similar to our first trip to this farm, Julia loved everything about it! She was very willing to feed, pet, hold, and ride whatever animal they put in front of her. Blessing 103 - seeing my sweet little one enjoy loving on animals.

Blessing 104 - getting to see my other sweet little one not always enjoy loving on animals!

Can't you just see how fabulous a mom I am? Most moms would comfort, console, and assure their child that the goats weren't going to get them.

What did I do?

Grabbed my camera for the photo op!

Mother of the Year. Right Here!

Audrey did wind up enjoying part of the trip.

Blessing 105 - the feeling of fun and sweet simplicity that came with enjoying a farm with 3, 4, and 5 year olds!

Blessing 106 - Matt's sister sending me a pic of the flowers we ordered for my mom's birthday. Amy knew I'd want to see!

Blessing 107 - the girls' laughter as they chased Matt down for not wearing enough green on St. Patrick's Day

Blessing 108 - that none of the preschool kids complained about someone pinching them today. I partly regretted having joked about the pinching thing earlier this week!

Green pudding, anyone??

Blessing 109 - Children who are discovering the many talents God has given them... even though today's newly discovered talent is licking their armpits.

Blessing 110 - Receiving our prepared tax returns in the mail! Sign and done! Thanks, mom!


  1. I love reading your blessings!!! Maybe I should start a blessing list myself...

  2. I feel very blessed to be part of your blessings!!

  3. The armpit pictures are cracking me up! They have grown so much!