Sunday, March 27, 2011

...still counting!

Blessing 121 - another couple of beautiful picnic perfect days with my girls. We had a picnic with our preschool friends Thursday and we had one just the 3 of us Friday.

Blessing 122 - Julia recently responding "I know that, you always say that to me!" when I tell her "I love you" or "I'm glad I'm your mommy". I'm glad she knows that - I want her to always know that!

Blessing 123 - the awesome quiet that follows a long fought battle at kids' bedtime

Blessing 124 - Saturday phone calls to our parents

Blessing 125 - the joys of building block towers

Blessing 126 - Great deals at Publix!
4 16 oz boxes Ritz
6 boxes Quaker chewy bars
4 bottles Kraft BBQ sauce
2 Clorox toilet cleaners
4 Lysol wipes (80 wipe containers!)
2 Large boxes children's Quaker cereal
4 loaves bread
4 8oz. bags shredded Kraft cheese
4 bags Gortons fish (18-20 oz) - this was my splurge item! Each bag was $2.25 - eek!!!! However, I really prefer to have fuss free food around for Sunday lunches when we are in a rush to eat, rest and then head back to church. Plus, I thought some of those fish sticks might be a nice change of pace in the girls' lunches.
$50 BP gas card ($42 of which has already been used)
Total at Publix: $72.62 tax included.

I also went to Walmart, and I was in shock to hear my total there - it about equaled my Publix amount. Yowser. Oh well, we needed batteries and such and I also needed to price match some produce.

Blessing 127 - price matching at Walmart. A hassle at times, but I love it!

Blessing 128 - A 5 year old who acted as if going through my grocery bags was equal to Christmas morning. Sure, I got a good number snacks that she'd enjoy at preschool and I got her much begged for strawberry muffin mix, but seriously, who would have thought her eyes would light up for 10 minutes as she unloaded all those bags?

Blessing 129 - An unexpected gift for the girls from a neighbor. We tried this out for dessert and it was good!

Blessing 130 - A new recipe that actually tasted good. (I'm always nervous!) I used the new Philadelphia Santa Fe cooking creme to make a yummy skillet meal.

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