Tuesday, April 5, 2011

better late than never!

131. an April full of contemporary music at church (actual contemporary music, not the typical Baptist "might have been considered contemporary in 1982" stuff)

132. seeing Matt's enjoyment in rocking along in the church praise band

133. getting to jump on stage and sing one of the songs too - I was rather excited to lead "Revelation Song"

134. I made it through the song before hoarseness started taking over. Too bad I was supposed to sing it again during the invitation. I croaked enough then to make Matt initially think I was crying. Oh well, it only got worse throughout Sunday and singing is still not an option right now!

135. Hearing both Audrey and Julia sing these worship songs. They sat in on a couple of rehearsals and enjoy singing along.

Oh, did I mention that Audrey woke up sick (coughing like crazy) late Saturday night/early Sunday morning? She did. We wound up sleeping on the couch together b/c I just couldn't get her comfortable in a bed. Neither of us slept well, and she was still coughing, but I took her to church anyways. She didn't do so well the first hour, so I wound up bringing her into the service with us. I just knew this was a bad experience waiting to happen. Both Matt and I were supposed to be onstage, and Audrey was NOT going to react well to that!

136. Blessing - Audrey fell asleep on the front row and slept throughout the first 45 minutes of the service. Yay!

137. When Audrey did wake up, she woke up in a great mood. She was also pretty quiet and I didn't have to take her out of the service.

moving on from church stuff...

138. Comforting little ones during the night. I'm typing this with a 5 year old asleep across me. Her head is on my arm. There will be no pictures this post because of her.

139. free movie monday at redbox! Matt grabbed "Life as We Know It" for me! I love chick flicks!

140. Cooler weather for a few days. I'm dreading those 100 degree days!

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