Saturday, April 16, 2011

When I post pictures, I post pictures!

161. The fun these kids have painting - we were doing preschool makeup work at home (from the day Audrey was out sick)

162. access to a swimming pool that we don't have to clean
163. nice weather that has given a chance to swim 3 times this year already

Matt was asked to send a family picture to his high school for some alumni blurb in the school's quarterly magazine. Yeah, he's a private school kid - JCM doesn't have a magazine to mail out ;) So, since we do not have a recent family photo we brought the camera to church this past Sunday. What a blessing (#164) to have a patient photographer (actually 2) that were willing to take shot after shot. Here's a sample:

Blessing 165 - cropping, zoom features that make so-so pictures look almost good! The pictures I posted are as is, but Matt said he made 1 of the dozen or so we took look pretty good.

Easter Egg Hunt at preschool!
#166 - the most perfect day, weatherwise, for outside play! So sunny and mid 70's!

You can't see it well in this picture, but Julia has a new Easter basket. One of her classmates' mom had these personalized buckets made for the class. They're just a sand pail (complete with shovel) but she had their names painted on them as well as some cutesy polka dots. Those kids were so excited! #167 - generous preschool parents

The girls and I had fun playing beauty shop yesterday. We all curled our hair and the 2 of them got into makeup. Audrey is just too cute when she asks, "Do I look beau-di-tul?" (beautiful) Let's hear it for blessing 168 - cheap, girly play beauty shop fun!

169. lots of delicious food samples at Sam's that make shopping there almost (I said almost) as enjoyable as shopping at my dear Publix
170. Having such an abundance of toys that we were able to donate some gently used toys to the church's thrift store. We most definitely could (and should) have donated much more, but we'll save that for another day.

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