Saturday, April 9, 2011


So blessed with...

- beautiful days to go running (let's hope I take advantage of it more!)
- a husband to watch the kids while I go running
- time for pretty regular afternoon naps
- a stable childhood. Stuff might have gotten crazy at home when I was in college (wink, wink) but knowing some of the trials the preschoolers around me face, man, I've had it so easy.
- my kids growing up with a stable environment
- a friend that's willing to share alot of coupons with me
- a life with the perfect amount of "busyness" for me and my girls
- God's providence and comfort in stressful financial situations
- God's providence in other stressful sitations
- God's reminders to me of His providence

Don't start worrying about these stressful situations I've mentioned. Nothing is new for the better or for the worse. I've just had my moments lately of really being reminded how we've been taken care of from our Union days when neither of us had a full time job, to us welcoming kids and me deciding to stay home, to Matt's resignation, to our house still being on the market 11 months later. I worry, worry, worry all the time, but He always provides.

For instance... (if you've heard this before, sorry!)
When we moved last summer, I was worried about money, about not being able to afford preschool for Julia, and I was growing a little crazier every day from staying home all the time. What did God throw in my lap? (I didn't have to fill out an application or even interview - see, in my lap!) He threw me a part time job at a preschool where the girls could attend with me. I got Julia into preschool like I wanted, have been able to absorb a little of the added cost of rent+mortgage, have gotten OUT OF THE HOUSE, and was able to do it without the guilt I would have felt if I'd had to put Audrey in daycare. PROVIDENCE! I'd be remiss to also mention that one way God' provided is by blessing us with family that have always been generous with their time and gifts. (blessing 151!) We appreciate it.

It's amazing that I worry and fear so much when my day to day life is nothing short of perfect for me. 151 blessings down, 849 to go!

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