Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

What a blessing (#171) that people from church put together a fun Easter celebration today. Another blessing (#172) is that neither Matt nor I had any responsibilities there other than to enjoy the games, food, egg hunt, etc. with our children.

I'd love to post pictures from the event, but I forgot to bring my camera with me. Actually, it wouldn't really matter if I'd brought my camera or not; you still would be seeing no pictures. Why? Because after returning Friday from our fun filled five days in TN with family (blessing 173) I've been unable to locate the cable to transfer pictures. Now, granted, I haven't actually unpacked my suitcase or any of the other bags we brought back (Hello, I've only been home 24 hours - suitcases sit around my house for alot longer than that!) so hopefully, the cable will make it's appearance soon. When it does, I'll show you the shots from our fun filled family week as well as pictures that I'm sure to take tomorrow.

174 - Julia confidently answering questions that were asked of the group during the "telling of the real Easter Story" part of the church Easter fun. My girlie knows her stuff!

175 - A cotton candy limit of 1 per person. Seriously, I needed this limit for myself. I hadn't had cotton candy in forever, and it sounded (and tasted) so good!

176 - A good Publix trip today! Spent $58.10, saved $104.43. We were out of alot of stuff, including Matt's beloved soft drinks. Instead of making a trip to Walmart, I decided to "splurge" and purchase the BOGO Pepsi's at Publix. It really wasn't that much more expensive anyways, and as I said... Matt was in need of carbonation! So, what do I see as I come upon the soft drink aisle?? Peelie, after peelie, after peelie. That's right coupons right there on the 2 liters for immediate use. I wound up getting 10 of those suckers for $.33 and $.34 each. I would have gotten more, but I was getting just the caff. free diet's (our fave of the Pepsi brand) and I didn't want to be a shelf clearer!

And that's enough of the coupon talk. I'm well aware most of you hate that!

177. crockpots - I've really gotten into using mine lately. Tonight's entree - frozen chicken breast with about half a bottle of BBQ sauce cooked on high while I went on the aforementioned grocery trip. so easy. why did it take me so long to see the fabulousness of this kitchen tool?

178. Time alone tonight to read, blog, prep for children's church, unpack (ha! -maybe), and in general enjoy the quiet of the next 2+ hours! The girls have just now fallen asleep, and Matt's up at church practicing for the service tomorrow. Yes, it is late at night. The band's practice is scheduled for 9-11 pm. 2 weeks ago it was Friday night from 10-1. I think the 30 somethings in this group are trying to relive some of their glory years. just saying

179. A safe trip to TN and back.

180. A Risen Saviour to Praise this Easter Weekend!

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