Friday, March 4, 2011

Blessing 81- 90

My week was up yesterday, so I'm a day late with my blessings. I apologize, but I must admit that it probably won't be the last time...

I was on the playground talking to my coworker, Crystal, a week or so ago. We were talking about my girls' birthdays coming up and how I wanted to have a party that was special for them, but that I didn't want to spend a fortune on it. I had about decided to just forget the whole party thing (everything cheapish I could think of would be held outside... weather permitting! I don't like weather permitting!) when Crystal said something that just struck me. She talked about making memories for her boys and about how even simple stuff could be special. That very moment I decided that I was definitely going to host a little birthday party for the girls, and the conversation would also turn into my blessing #81!

Where's this party? Free place - the cafe at church! I gave Matt 3 dates/times that would be ok with us. It was available on my first choice. Blessing 82.

What are we going to do? Well, I had been thinking and thinking about how to entertain these youngsters. I'd already decided to nix a traditional birthday cake and instead do a sundae bar (blessing 83... the idea of a 'sundae bar' is just a blessing in itself!) While sitting at the intersection of 90 and 59 (love that detail?) I literally had a lightbulb over the head moment and realized the whole party should be ice cream themed. Blessing 84 - ice cream party idea.

I had Matt print off simple invitations at church. No, I don't feel bad printing 20 sheets on the church's very nice color printer/copier. I count it as payment for all the secretarial duties Matt had me do last weekend and has planned for this weekend. I do feel bad, though, that when he pushed the print button (it's wireless and he was in another part of the church) that the secretary was prepping to print the paychecks for the week. Our ice cream invitations were printed on top of the paychecks! Oops! So sorry! Let's count it as blessing 85 that she didn't yell at us for that! ;)

Who are we inviting? All our preschool friends and whoever winds up at church this Sunday in the girls' respective classes. I'm half afraid noone will come, but maybe that won't be the case. I sent out the preschool invites Wednesday, and Thursday when one of Audrey's friend was getting in the car she said, "Nana, don't forget we have to go to Audrey's party!" Thanks, little girl. Hearing that helped ease some of my worry about noone being able to come to the party - blessing 86.

More stuff to do...??? What about a pinata? I found these directions on line to making an ice cream cone pinata. I decided to try my hand at this craft, going so far as to make a shopping list for needed supplies. Then, though, I had a change of heart. I decided to use some of the amazon gift cards I've earned from online stuff (blessing 87 - free gift cards!) to purchase a pinata. Amazon had 2 ice cream pinatas - so I ordered the 1 that shipped free! I would have been able to cover shipping costs with my gift cards too, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay for shipping. I hate paying for shipping. Blessing 88 is free shipping on an ice cream pinata. Blessing 89 is our pinata arriving 2 days later and looking great! Blessing 90 is Julia's excited smile when I had her check it out. She's so excited for her party now!

The girls posed for this picture just this morning!

Audrey keeps saying that she's going to have Dora at her party...
And a cake too.
And we're going to watch Cinderella.

Oh, poor child! I don't plan on doing any of those things! Perhaps, her present from us can be Dora related? I still haven't gotten either of them a present to open. Shopping will be happening tomorrow!

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