Thursday, February 18, 2010


That's how much I saved at Publix today.
My subtotal was $89.79 - after coupons $13.30.
After taxes, the total cost for my Publix trip this week was $15. 88

What did I get for less than $16??

I got...
9 boxes of Betty Crocker muffin mix
12 cans of Green Giant vegetables
8 boxes of Green Giant frozen vegetables
1 Cole's cheesesticks
2 loaves Cole's Cheese Toast
1 gallon milk
12 containers Yoplait yogurt
1 bag vegetable stir fry
3 boxes spaghetti
2 boxes penne
3 Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 travel hand sanitizer
Not too shabby, huh??

The sanitizer was in my diaper bag instead of a grocery bag. I forgot about it until after I'd photographed and put away everything else.

I know there are no produce items that were bought today - NO WORRIES! We still have fresh oranges, apples, grapes, carrots, potatoes, and onions left from previous week's purchases! I promise that my children don't eat entirely from a box!!

Another upside to our shopping trip today - Publix was sampling cinnamon buns, red bell peppers, and penne pasta w/meat sauce. The girls turned their noses up at the peppers, but the other items were SCARFED down! Thank you to the pasta lady for giving us extra generous size samples - she could tell it was closing in on lunchtime!


  1. You are getting VERY good at this! I need to take notes!

  2. Where do you find such great coupons? I don't know that I've ever seen a coupon for Green Giant canned veggies and that brand is my favorite.